Who are those idiots who throw stuff on stage at concerts? Furthermore, what are they trying to accomplish? It's like that stupid heckler at a comedy show who thinks the crowd wants to hear him instead of the comedian and ruins it for everybody.

On Sunday (April 23), while playing a show in Garden City, Idaho, Lil Wayne was nearly hit with a bottle while performing "A Milli." That's when he called his security and the people in his crew to handle things.

"Now look. Let me tell you something," he said calmly. "I don't know if you thought I was a buster, but I'm rich, so I can't throw nothing back but watch this."

Afterwards, two very large men came to the front of the stage, along with Weezy's people, who came from the back. "Throw that sh-- back at him," the rapper told his crew. "The show's over, man. Whoever the n---- in the building, he just ruined y'all time."

You can see the incident above and below from two different angles.

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