With no hopes of Tha Carter V ever seeing the light of day, a leaked Lil Wayne song popped up on the internet today (Aug. 2). “Like a Man” is a previously-unreleased track produced by ONHEL, who also crafted the other previously leaked “Dinnertime” song.

Over downing keys and a bouncy electronic beat, Weezy runs down what makes him the man. "I got all these hoes, all these woes, like a man / I rock all these shows 'round the globe, like a man / I ride for all my bros, that's who drove, all my haters play your role / Gladiator, Russel Crowe, elevator on your floor / Hot potato on the nose of the handgun / Aiming at your dandruff, cocaine in my pants cuff," he raps.

Tunechi later adds, "Like a man, I've been hard since a diaper then / And ever since I been on Mars, I've been buying land / Like a man, like a gangster, like a real one / These p---ies get the dildo, I get the deal done."

There's no word if this song is an official release, but it's certainly worthy of playing in the clubs. Neither Wayne nor ONHEL have addressed the leaked track.

In the meantime, Lil Wayne will be headlining a couple of festivals this summer. The Young Money leader will host his third annual Lil Weezyana Fest on Aug. 25 in his native hometown of New Orleans. He will also perform at the resurrected Paid Dues Festival on Sept. 16 and Sept. 17 in Los Angeles.

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