This isn't your average jack-o-lantern!

This Friday watch as professionals create a massive work of art out of a GIANT 1,300-pound pumpkin downtown Grand Rapids!

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Artists from Ice Guru Events will be showing off their skills at Rosa Parks Circle October 28th, starting at 3p.m.

Michigan-based chef Randy Finch and his team of ice artists at Ice Guru are the stars of the Food Network Show, Ice Brigade, which shows how they craft ice blocks into out-of-this world art.

Organizers say you'll experience a "pumpkin sculpting performance, lessons, and a Halloween photo opp like no other"! We'll have to see what fantastical design they come up with for the 1,300 pound pumpkin!

Ice Guru Events, Facebook
Ice Guru Events, Facebook

From what I can tell, this is the largest pumpkin Ice Guru has attempted to carve yet! Last year's massive pumpkin was 500 pounds.

In previous years, the Halloween-centric event downtown Grand Rapids has also included free pumpkins for the first 100 kids, a costume contest, crafts, and food trucks. Stay tuned to the event listing on what else this year's event will entail!

Hosted by Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. in partnership with Ice Guru Events, the Live Giant Pumpkin Carving at Rosa Parks Circle is free to attend.

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