The Who kicked off their world tour at little old Van Andel Arena on Tuesday night, and a local violinist got a thrill when she soloed on the classic 'Baba O'Riley'.

I haven't been able to identify the soloist in this clip. I'm assuming it was a member of the Grand Rapids Symphony.

At any rate, this young lady got called upon to solo on the epic violin solo from the hit 'Baba O'Riley' from Who's Next. It was the last song the band played in their encore.

Dave Arbus is credited with the original solo from the 1971 album.

It's the crowning moment on the song, and in the past Roger Daltrey, the band's lead singer would play an harmonica to bring the song to its climax. But since they were playing with a symphony, it seemed right to let a violinist do it. And do it, she did.

Her solo starts at 3:46

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