As we saw from last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop, Yandy has been having more issues with Kimbella. After a heated conversation with her about Juelz Santana's business affairs, Yandy was ready to get away from the drama. Luckily, Juju invited her to Cancun. But she didn't realize that Kimbella and J. Adrienne would be there. So when Yandy and Bianca arrived, things quickly got awkward, and the first confrontation between Yandy and Kimbella went down. Apparently Juelz, who also previously spoke with Yandy about his work, complained to his wife about how his manager had no time for him. When Bianca showed up, Kimbella immediately came on the defensive and accused Yandy of focusing more of her energy on B instead of her husband. While the trip looked like it was going south for Kimbella and Yandy, the two eventually talked it out on the beach, let the tears flow and forgave each other. But how long will that last?

Meanwhile Bianca went through her own dramas when Cardi B came to Cancun with her sister and Mariahlynn. B and ML haven't seen each other since the bar fight over Sky and Drewski. And although we were expecting the two to go at it, Cardi pushed them to talk it out and eventually they did. But even though they also made up, ML needed to get back at B for throwing a drinks at her. So she dunk here in the pool, but in the end, Mariahlynn looked like the fool as her blue wig flew off her head and landed in the pool next to them. After seeing that sight, all the women were full of laughs and were ready to turn up. Although that's all well and good, Bianca did get into hot water with Yandy for partying instead of working. Bianca explained that she finished everything and that she needed to enjoy herself, too.

Although Yandy thought she was done with all the problems in Mexico, things flared when Juju shared her new book with the ladies--a book that includes details regarding Yandy's personal life, as well as Juju's not-so-nice thoughts of Yandy. Yandy confronted Juju about this, and it ended on cliffhanger, meaning we need to tune in next week to see what happens.

Back in New York City, Papoose and Remy Ma were hurting after last week's devastating news about Remy not being able to have children. Papoose tried to take his mind off things by diving deep into work. But when his mom and daughter stopped by his music video set, he broke down. They told him that he may have jumped into his daily routine too quickly and needed to take a break. Back at home, Pap and his wife had a serious chat about how both were feeling. And Remy felt so guilty about waiting to give him his one wish -- a child. But because he adores Remy, nothing could break that and their relationship. So they had to just work through it together.

Finally, the Creep Squad was trying to keep itself together, but with the issues between DJ Self and Cisco, how could they really do that? And while they tried to recruit Snoop into the squad, that wasn't going to change the fact that Brother Cisco wasn't there. So Rich and Peter tried to get the two men together. There's only one catch -- Self needed some payback. So he decided to tag Cisco's sports car. Of course, Cisco was ready to pounce. Self punked him because it was easily erasable; and after he saw Cisco sweat, Self was ready to make peace. And although Cisco was ticked off, he made up with his brother. And the Creep Squad is back together again!

With only a few more episodes in this season, you'll need to tune in next week to see how everything turns out.

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