Sometimes we can honestly forget that Black History is in our midst. We grew up with them. However their contribution fits into our American History, we must celebrate them. Perhaps your Black History is a family member that helped raise half your neighborhood or taught everyone to read. Maybe they were the first to do something. Whatever your Black History is or was, I challenge you to Love Your Black History! Write your story in the comment section and show your love for Love Your Black History! Matter of fact, I'll share my Love Your Black History:

My Grandma just turned 100 years old. She is truly a huge part of my family's legacy and I have always believed she is and was apart of American History. Taking over an African-American Newspaper in an industry dominated by the mainstream, a Black Woman as a publisher or a Newspaper was rare and trailblazing. My determination to provide the best and premiere programming in Radio starts with the daily example of how to do things the right way. My Grandma, Marjorie Parham is the one who showed me that way everyday. She is who I draw my energy, determination and compassion for you to have the best. Here are some videos from an incredible weekend celebrating my Love Your Black History:

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