Yesterday (April 10), Ludacris released the music video to his new single "Vitamin D," and was met with some jokes from Twitter users immediately following. The visuals are already interesting enough with the Atlanta rapper playing the role of a doctor and a patient, looking to provide some "vitamin D" to the sexy nurses and lingerie-donned women. What got the attention of the Internet, however, was the beginning of the video which features some CGI abs on Luda.

Social media users cracked tons of jokes about the fake abs that the MC is sporting in the visuals, and how the end of the video shows his regular body without any effects. From joking that the rapper looked like he had 7/11 rolls on his chest, to bringing up Kendrick Lamar's infamous photoshop lyrics in his "Humble." single, Luda couldn't hide from the roasting. The rapper decided to join in on the jokes himself, as he responded to everyone with hilarious commentary of his own. While replying to a user who questioned whether he bought his six-pack of abs at Sephora, Luda tweeted, "I did a lot of sit-ups for that!" He even tweeted out an Amazon link for people to buy fake abs of their own who couldn't afford CGI.

It's great to see rappers poking fun at themselves when Twitter takes over, as you never know what could make you a victim of the next roasting session, like French Montana last week. See some of the hilarious tweets from Ludacris and fans below.

Ludacris Responds To Fans Cracking Jokes About His CGI Abs

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