Lupe Fiasco builds more anticipation for his upcoming album Drogas Light, dropping the single "Tranquillo" featuring Rick Ross and Big K.R.I.T.

The soundtrack for the song is dreamy, with doses of deep bass. All three rappers surf the wave with ease. Lu goes first, finding his groove with lines like, "Love is not found but resides insides me, I manifest this/I will respect myself and wear serenity as my necklace/I will replace what I take and have tranquility as my breakfast/Shed a new light on a new path/I will gain rhythm and lose wrath/Attain wisdom and refuse graph/And build upon what I built on/And wisely regulate time I do have/'Cause what is defeat?/But just the evidence of my haste/Lack of preparedness, in my waste."

The Atlantic Records rapper lays out his plan to show devotion to the fam on the chorus, crooning, "'Cause I got chillin' by the million'/Tranquilo by the kilo, nigga, nigga/And I got kilos by the speedboat/And I ain't talkin' 'bout them drugs/I'm talkin' 'bout that love/For myself and all my niggas/All my bitches and all my thugs, what's up?."

Rozay and Krizzle add some Southern spice to track, providing hot 16s on the second and third verses.

Lupe gave some insight into his rhymes on Twitter, writing, "My verse for #Tranquilo which you will receive today is a personal prayer or manifesto to give you lucid direction in these troubled times."

Drogas Light is set to drop on Feb. 10. The upcoming project has 14 tracks and also features guest appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, Bianca Sings, Gizzle, Rondo, Simon Sayz, Victoria Monet, Salim, Jake Torrey and RXMN. Peep the full tracklist here.

Stream "Tranquillo" above.

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