A man in Saginaw Michigan could possibly get life in prison for robbing a teenage boy of his pit bull puppy.

According to MLive, a 30-year-old Man by the name of Daquan L. Mims went into a house located on Morris Street in Saginaw without permission from the home owner. Mims whipped out a gun and pointed it at a 13-year-old boy and then took his puppy.

Mims reportedly used to own the dog, but either sold it or gifted it to someone else.

Mims has been charged with two counts of felony firearm and single counts of armed robbery and first degree home invasion.

You can get life for armed robbery and up to 20 years for home invasion. By having the handgun Mims will get a mandatory two year sentence that will be served consecutively with other charges.

Police have not been able to locate the puppy since Mims allegedly swiped it.

Mims is currently out on bond but has to wear a tether. He will be back in court June 21.