Every time I feel lucky, I end up losing money on the lotto or at the casino, but not the case for a 28 year old Lansing man.

We don’t know his name because he chose to stay anonymous but we do know that he stopped by a gas station in Lansing and bought a scratch-off because he “felt lucky” after winning $100 the week before, according to WLNS.

SO he got his Golden Ticket II scratch-off and started scratching and realized he had just won a million dollars!

"I was scratching the ticket and saw the number '3' matched. When I saw the '$1MIL' symbol underneath it, I couldn't believe it. I still feel overwhelmed!"


Michigan Lotto told WLNS that the winner took the lump sum of $634,000 and plans to travel and then save what’s left.


Note to self: if you’re feeling “lucky” go buy a scratch-off

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