In a bizarre story out of Grand Haven, Michigan last week, a man accidentally spilled $30,000 of cash on US-31.

According to police, the man had forgotten about a cardboard box full of money that he had placed on the bumper of his truck.  After getting on to the freeway, the box fell off the truck and scattered the money all over the freeway.  Drivers began to pull over and gather up the money as police arrived at the scene.  The owner of the money showed up shortly after the police upon realizing what had just happened.

Officers and witnesses were able to gather almost $2,500 and returned it to the man, but many other people just drove off after getting their share of the cash.  Since the incident was reported, three more people have come forward to return $4,500 of the remaining $27,500 that was missing.

Police are now asking that you contact the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety if you found some of the cash or know someone who has.

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