Not sure if this driver was intoxicated or just over zealous in wanting to get first dibs on some early Friday morning buds, but this driver rocked the foundation of a dispensary.

I have often wondered if a vehicle would ever try to create a drive thru at a marijuana dispensary and I'm not sure that this was a drivers wish but it did come true earl Friday morning near Holland.

According to WOOD, the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office said a driver crashed around 2:30 Friday morning at the intersection of 136th and River avenues in Holland Township.

Noting the time of the crash, this may be alcohol related, vehicle problem or someone who worked late and may have dosed off behind the wheel, but according to investigators the crash is still being looked into.

WOOD reported that a 26-year-old Holland-area man was behind the wheel and heading south on 136th Avenue when for some reason went straight through the intersection then off the road and slammed hard into the West Compassion Club Marijuana Dispensary.

Apparently the driver hit the dispensary so hard that the vehicle actually pushed the building off its foundation. So this driver was definitely coming in hot when the building was hit.

One good piece of news is that no one was in the building at the time of the crash and the driver walked away from the crash uninjured.

The Ottawa County Sheriff did cuff and stuff the driver because of traffic related offenses.

I wonder if the dispensary's insurance will cover this or will it be the drivers insurance (providing they have insurance) that will have to foot the bill for moving a building off its foundation. Either this will be expensive to get that building back into its place.

Plus, these dispensaries rake in the cash and this crash could put a hold on that revenue until the building safe and up and running again. I smell a stinky lawsuit here...or maybe that's the buds that have been knocked off the shelves.

Needless to say this accident is still under investigation and I am sure there will be more details to come on this developing story.

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