There is a lot of excitement about marijuana being legal in the State of Michigan December 6, 2018 but the excitement may soon turn to disappointment when legal dispensaries won't be open yet.

According to WZZM, it may be tough to get your hands on marijuana or marijuana infused products in the beginning of the legalization of the products. The state still has to put regulations and issue licenses to dispensaries. You may not be able to fire it up until 2020 unless you acquire marijuana the old fashioned way.

The next issue for those who partake in recreational marijuana will be supply vs demand. Typically marijuana is grown by caregivers who have a license to grow for the patience. Those caregivers will be selling their excess but that probably won't be enough to meet the demand until dispensaries are licensed and open to the public.

Then the next problem will be that retailers who are licensed to sell marijuana are required to buy from licensed commercial growers and the number is small making the demand much more difficult to meet.

With limited supply and high demand, prices will skyrocket until more licensed growers and dispensaries are in place.

Until then, hopefully you know a guy...who know's a guy.


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