Following the release of his Diddy diss track, Ma$e is continuing to blast his former label boss on social media.

On Friday (March 18), the Harlem World rapper went on Instagram Live and expounded on why he chose to lyrically call out Diddy on the new song "Oracle 2: Standing on Bodies."

"When I see the hurt and the pain of other people on Bad Boy, that motivates me to say something," Ma$e told nearly 1,000 people watching the feed. "So I don't be deemed as a person who just made a bunch of money and turned a blind eye. I'm not going to be like the rest of the people around Puff that don't tell him he's wrong. I'm not gonna be like the yes men around him that see him ruining people lives and never tell him he's wrong. More people on here will tell me I'm wrong, but won't say anything to him. They'll judge my beliefs, they'll judge my Christianity and they'll say nothing to Puff. They'll say nothing about it's a concert for Biggie and Biggie own daughter couldn't get in. They don't say nothing about that. But all of his friends got 50 and 60 tickets. We're done with your games."

Ma$e seemingly came out of nowhere with shots aimed at Puff on the new song. He doesn't name Puff, but his bars are clearly directed toward the Bad Boy founder. "Since Cain killed Abel, I'm able to kill Cain/Love don't steal, my nigga, change your name," Ma$e spits on the second verse, a reference to Diddy's name change in 2021.

"Yeah, I’m just a Harlem nigga reppin’ down a Vegas strip with my own Suge/You from Mt. Vernon, nigga, go and rep your own hood," Ma$e later spits. "I’m not hating on your billi' worth/Right now, I’m only saying what you really work/You ain’t no architect/You just a nigga who know how to market death/Go pay his mother what she really worth, nigga."

Ma$e is formerly one of Bad Boy's biggest artists, releasing his multiplatinum debut album, Harlem World, in 1997, and the follow-up, Double Up, two years later. He later retired from rap to take on a life as a preacher but returned to the game in 2004 with the LP Welcome Back. In the years since, Ma$e has released music sporadically, including the 2017 Cam'ron diss "The Oracle."

Like several former Bad Boy artists, Ma$e openly held a grudge with Puff due to the CEO's alleged shady business practices. In 2020, Ma$e claimed Diddy refused a $2 million payment Ma$e offered to buy his publishing back from the label owner. Earlier this month, Puff was called out by former Da Band member Freddy P, who claimed the music mogul is the reason he hates life.

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