Master P is rolling out the tanks early in the new year, announcing that he's signed Long Beach singer Paloma Ford. P is betting big on the R&B artist, telling XXL that it's only a matter of time before the industry feels her presence.

"The reason why I am managing her is because she is a diamond in the rough, the world is about to feel the wrath of her star power," he says. "I feel she will be one of the top female R&B artists in the world. Thats why I decided to sign her under No Limit management." P as well says that he started managing Ford two months ago.

In a recent Hot 97 interview, the No Limit founder sits down with Hot 97's Nessa to discuss the signing, and is joined by Ford and fellow recent signee Marqus Clae. The singer says P created a comfortable space to work in from day one and that he's provided a level of mentorship she was previously missing.

"I’ve definitely always yearned for it. He’s just the perfect person because up until this point, I’ve done everything independently. A lot of people think that I’m signed to Meek or signed to a label and I’ve never been signed to a major. I have always taken the independent route," she says.

Below, you can watch Ford's new video for "That Sh*t Ain't Cool."

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