When it comes to winning, the Detroit Lions are still on track to not win a single game this season.

They did however stop their losing streak by going into overtime with the Pittsburgh Steelers and tying 16-16 on Sunday, November 21st.

Now I hear a lot of people on social media complaining about Detroit Lions Quarterback Jerrod Goff.
They say he's a big part of the reason The Detroit Lions are winless.

Maybe Goff's getting the blame for losing because former Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford is doing so well with his new team the Los Angels Rams? I looked up Goff''s stats for this season and here is what I found.

Jerrod Goff 2021 Season Stats Through 11/14/21

Complete Throws 220 | Attempted Throws 333
Passing Yards - 2,109
Touchdowns - 8
Interceptions - 6
Fumbles - 7

Maybe The Detroit Lions Could Win A Game If We Had These Football Legends

When it comes to football knowledge, I've learned all I know by watching my dad yell at the Detroit Lions on TV, playing in a flag football rec league, and playing madden.

I think the Detroit Lions should consider reaching out to football legend Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

Uncle Rico Football Stats

Back in 1982, he could throw a pigskin a 1/4 mile
If the coach would have put him in the 4th quarter they would have been State champs
The lions have lacked that deep downfield threat and Uncle Rico might be the answer.


Another position the Lions have struggled with for years is a solid running back

the last running back the Lions had that dominated the field was Barry Sanders

Maybe the Detroit Lions would consider a Polk High School Star Al Bundy
He scored 4 touchdowns in one game. He also made all city back in 1966.

Even with these two football legends, I'm not sure if the Detroit Lions will win a game this season. Their next chance at getting a W is on Sunday, November 21st against Baker Mayfield and the Clevland Browns.

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