We've all been there after a night of drinking and the munchies hit and nothing sounds better than some fast food. However, when you're too intoxicated to even make it through the drive-thru, you should probably get a ride, otherwise you might find yourself like these two guys.

The Troy Police Department posted a video after receiving a 911 call on February 15th at almost 3 a.m. of two drivers who had fallen asleep at a McDonald's drive-thru and were holding up the line.

In the video, you hear officers yelling at the drivers to wake up. After finally getting them to wake up, they were each given a breathlyzer test. One driver came in with a .16 BAC and the other with a .13 alcohol level. Both were then placed under arrest for DUI's.

What's crazy about this story is that the drivers did not know who the other were. They just so happen to end up at the same McDonald's and falling asleep.

A Sergeant with the Troy PD told ClickOnDetroit that both men were found with the cars on drive but feet still on the brake,

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