In my family, I grew up with people telling me they were younger than they actually were.

I always thought it was funny, but as I get older, I realize that many people are scared or afraid of getting older.

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The website StyleSeat may have revealed something that Michiganders did not want publicized or broadcasted.

"StyleSeat surveyed over 2,000 Americans on their perceptions and experiences with getting older. We found that in some corners of America, people are not just accepting but embracing the journey into their later years."

What States Embraces Aging The Most?

Surprisingly, it is one of our Midwest neighbors: IOWA!

"When we scan across the U.S., Iowa stands out as a beacon for age-positivity. In fact, the top five age-embracing states emerge as Iowa, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, and Kansas."

Michigan VS Aging

When it comes to aging, it seems like Michigan may not be a fan of the concept.


Styleseat ranked Michigan as the number 1 state that will NOT embrace aging.

"Michigan’s hesitancy towards aging is evident in several aspects: only 22% of its residents are willing to embrace gray hair. Moreover, half (50%) of its population — just above Massachusetts — express reluctance at the idea of aging and looking older. And following closely behind Florida, Michigan has one of the highest rates of cosmetic procedures, indicating a collective pursuit of a youthful facade."

Don't fret! Michigan is not alone. Maine, Alabama, Florida, and Nevada are all states that do not love the idea of getting older.


How do you feel about getting older?

Want to read the full report? You can check it out here.

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