Happy World Smile Day!

World Smile Day Facebook
World Smile Day Facebook

What is the deal with this holiday?

Michigan should take pride in it seeing as though we are pretty high on the list for best smiles across the country.

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World Smile Day

Economic Times says that the annual celebration always falls on the first Friday of October to dedicate a day to

"good cheer and good works."

Harvey Bell, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts, was the one to create the iconic smiley face in 1963.

"The first World Smile Day was celebrated in Worcester, MA, in 1999. Its purpose was to encourage people to perform acts of kindness and spread happiness simply by smiling. Since then, it has continued to inspire positive actions and smiles around the world."

This year's theme for World Smile Day is

"Do an act of kindness - help one person smile."

With World Smile Day occurring on the 6th October, the team at BetKetucky.com thought it would be interesting to see which states are likely boasting the greatest smile.


States With The Top 5 Best Smiles

young woman portrait with a toothy smile
Mara Radeva/ThinkStock

There are the 5 states that have the best smiles in order.

  1. Minnesota
  2. Illinois
  3. Connecticut
  4. Hawaii
  5. Maryland

Love seeing my home state in the top 5, however, the fact that Illinois beat Michigan is a little insane.

Where Does Michigan Rank?

While the Mitten State does not fall in the top 5 spots, it is still ranked pretty high on the list.

Michigan is ranked as the 7th U.S. state with the best smile.

C&G baby club UK, YouTube

69.2% of the state are adults who reported visiting a dentist or dental clinic within the past year.

Also when it comes to having a very good overall condition of the mouth, Michigan is sitting at 74%!

Look at Michiganders taking care of their pearly whites!

Do not forget to do an act of kindness and make someone smile today!

If you want to see the full report, you can check it out here.

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