Detroit native Samantha John made an appearance on the popular entrepreneurial show 'Shark Tank' in February and since then he business has seen a 500% booth.

Samantha was there to pitch her children's coding app, Hopscotch.  Hopscotch is an app that teaches kids how to write code by using simple ideas and mechanics that is understandable by anyone.  The app uses a drag and drop system of blocks that act as pieces of code that can be arranged to perform tasks.

Most of the 'Sharks' decided to pass on Samantha's app, but Mark Cuban made it known that his kids actually use her app on a regular basis.  Cuban also talked about how he actually looked up to Samantha because of what she was able to accomplish and what Cuban's children have been able to learn from her app.

Mark Cuban went on to actually fund her app to the tune of $550,000, giving him an 11% stake in the company.

Ever since the episode aired on February 26th, the Hopscotch app has seen a 500% increase in downloads.

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