The pandemic has caused a nationwide coin shortage and businesses all across the country are feeling the effects, including dispensaries.

In response, a dispensary in Walled Lake has come up with a solution to help themselves and pot lovers. WXYZ Detroit reports that The Greenhouse is beginning a promotion on July 28 called "Coins for Cannabis" which is exactly what it sounds like.

...the dispensary will accept rolls of coins, pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters for payment.

If you bring in $100 worth of coins, customers will receive free products of their choice. So technically you are still paying for weed, but think about it, we all have so much change around our house that we forget about, you probably have more change than you realize.

The owner of the dispensary told WXYZ,

There has been so much impact on our community due to the COVID-19 Virus and the coin shortage is yet another example. I decided we urge customers to bring in their coins. They roll the coins, we roll the cannabis...

The promotion will continue until they have enough coins.

The Greenhouse of Walled Lake sells recreational and medical marijuana.

Because of the coin shortage, several businesses such as Walmart, CVS, and Kroger are asking people to pay with exact change otherwise they won't get the difference back. Meijer has suspended cash payments at all of their self-check out lanes. I've also noticed that the Family Fare has done the same, at least the one near where I live on 44th St.

Not only is the country facing a coin shortage, but also an aluminum can shortage which is severely affecting beer companies.

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