First marijuana was made legal in Michigan and now its legal to gamble online and best on sporting events.

According to WOOD, online gambling and betting on sports has now been approved for the state of Michigan.

Cyber gambling is here but it took three votes to finally get it passed in fear that it would cut into lottery tickets where revenue is supposed to help our states schools. I'm not really sure how well that has been distributed in the past with lottery ticket sales up and school programs getting smaller.

Governor Whitmer says the plan will not effect the schools.

There are some concerns that the online gambling will effect people who actually need the money the most since it targets the vulnerable.

East Lansing Democrat Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr. said, "there's money in the bills for problem gambling and that obviously does happen to some people, but I don't think we can prevent everybody else from doing something that they find entertaining."

The state claims the new revenue brought in from the new gambling laws will help schools to balance any drop off in lottery ticket sales.

With as much money that will be coming into the state in taxes, hopefully they will actually spend some of it on fixing the damn roads.

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