Some residents in Grand Rapids are not pleased about the Halloween decorations displayed at a home on Walker Avenue. Eighteen years ago the house was the site of a triple homocide, where a then 17-year-old boy killed his mother, teenage sister and 6-year-old sister.

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According to MLive, in 2003 Jon Siesling beat his mother Sharon Siesling, 42, and his sisters Katelin, 15, with a baseball bat and stabbed them with a kitchen knife. He then turned the knife on his younger sister Leah. The father of the family, Jan Siesling, was a truck driver at the time and was not home.

Fast forward to October 2021. A woman known only as Amanda lives in the Walker Avenue home now. Amanda is the one who put up the decorations, and is not sorry she did. The display which features 3 grave sites, a baseball bat, bloody handprints on the front window and a 'Help Us' message on the front door. I don't know about you, but the bloody handprints with the words Help Us on the front door do not sit well with me.

Apparently this home has been in Amanda's home for decades (the Siesling family rented the house). According to Amanda, she even cleaned up the home after authoriites completed their investigation and there is blood still inside that she cannot reach. Say what? Is it up high? Get a ladder. Is it down low? Get lower.

I do want to make clear that Amanda claims that she is not trying to hurt anyone and reinterate that the Siesling family were her friends. That being said, what are your thoughts on the Halloween decorations? Do you think that there is a much better way to honor the family? Let me know your thoughts.

As far as Jon Siesling, now 36, he is serving life without parole for the murders.

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