Customers have noticed that multiple Hooters locations across the country have been closed.

Will any of the Michigan locations be next?

Will Michigan Hooters Be Closing?

Hooters announced that several of its "underperforming" restaurants will be closing permanently!

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In a statement to USA TODAY, the chain shared that "a "select number" of restaurants will shut down due to "pressure from current market conditions."

In an article published by The U.S. Sun, it states that 40 Hooters locations were permanently closed as of June 23rd.

As of now, the restaurant chain has not clarified which locations will be shutting down, however, people have found that dozens of Hooters locations have closed in Florida, Texas, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Texas has multiple closed locations as of this publication date. Now, there is also a closed Hooters in Springfield, Illinois.

With some of the closures being so close to Michigan, it made me wonder if any of the Michigan locations would be next on the chopping block.

Michigan Hooters Locations

As of now, there is no indication that any of the Michigan locations will be closing. However, there are only 3 locations still in Michigan.

  • Flint3415 Miller Road / Lennon Rd Flint, MI, 48507
  • Saginaw 5538 Bay Road Saginaw, MI, 48604
  • Taylor - 21250 Eureka Road Taylor, MI, 48180

With so many other restaurant chains closing, including Red Lobster, it is a little sad to see that these chains have to close down.

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