While being set back over a thousand-dollars sucks, at least this Michigan man can say he's done something that not many Americans have.

Ayman Doppke, of Dearborn, pled guilty to illegally climbing Mount Rushmore, to which he eventually fell off of and injured himself. Rapid City Journal reports that charges for disorderly conduct and violating an area closure were dropped.

The incident occurred the morning of August 19th and its obvious the man was feeling adventurous because according to court documents, the man was spotted by dispatchers "on top of George Washington's head."

When Doppke realized rangers were going to try and catch him he went down "the steepest and most dangerous route." This resulted in him falling 25 feet down a gravel slope. Not the wisest choice considering he not only hurt himself but was still caught and arrested.

The man admitted to the officer that he not only ignored signs but he climbed around the razor wire near the top of the monument.

It's unknown what the man was doing in South Dakota to begin with or what motivated him to climb the mountain but at least he survived to have a story to tell.

Doppke was ordered to pay a $1,500 fine.

This isn't the first Michigan person to attempt such a feat. According to Rapid City Journal, a 19-year-old from South Rockwood (Monroe County) was caught attempting to climb Mt. Rushmore in 2018 and when he got in trouble his response was "I'm sorry dude! I was just doing it for fun."

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