A man from Davison, Michigan, was sentenced to life in prison Friday for the murder of his wife by drugging her cereal.

Davison is a small town just outside of Flint, that has been growing for years. I used to live there and recently drove through, and was surprised at how much the town has grown. From living there, a story about a man poisoning his wife was just something you wouldn't expect to happen.

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The story about the death of Christina Harris actually begins back in 2014. Her death was originally ruled as an accidental overdose.

Christina's husband, Jason Harris, had spoken to a neighbor about the night before her death, stating she said she was hungry so he gave her a bowl of cereal which dropped while eating and passed out on the living room floor.

What was even more disturbing, Jason Harris' own brother and sister went to police two days after her death and said he had made comments in the past about getting rid of his wife Christina. The two siblings also said Jason had been cheating on his wife prior to her death.

Jason Harris had told police that when he left for work on the day Christina had died, he claimed his wife was not awake but coughing in her sleep. He mentioned to investigators that Christina had been fighting off a cold.

Investigators learned that Christina had been with her mother the day before her death and her mother said she was fine and in good spirits and made no mention of her having a cold.

After two years of investigating Christina's death, Davison police turned the case to the Michigan State Police.

A medical examiner had tested frozen breast milk that had been stored before her death and found no traces of drug use. This caused the medical examiner to change her cause of death to homicide in 2019.

Investigators focused on Jason Harris and after a long investigation, he was charged and convicted of the murder of Christina Harris in November of this year.

MLive reported that when Harris was sentenced to life Friday, December 10, by Genesee Circuit Court Judge David J. Newblatt he said in court, "I agree completely with their verdict. You are guilty. You did this. You are a murderer. You are a liar. I want to make that very clear. the jury saw through your lies and I see through your lies."

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