With St. Patty's Day and Spring Break rapidly approaching, college students are gearing up to have the time of their lives.

That includes alcohol.

Now, there is a new drinking trend on TikTok that has hospitalized several students and many parents are concerned.

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It is called 'borg.'

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What is the 'borg'?

Borg is an acronym for "blackout rage gallon."

Sadly, thanks to all of the TikTok instruction videos, I can explain how to make a 'borg.'

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It is essentially half water, half vodka, whatever caffeinated flavor enhancer, and a dash of powdered electrolytes. It is supposedly a hangover-proof way to party.

According to Poison Control, this alcoholic drink is ridiculously packed.

"Any amount of alcohol can be added to a borg, but many instructional videos on social media show individuals adding up to a fifth of vodka or other alcohol to their borg. A fifth of alcohol contains 750 milliliters, or approximately 25.4 fluid ounces, of liquor. SInce a standard drink contains 1.5 fluid ounces of alcohol, a borg that contains a fifth of alcohol will contain approximately 17 shots of alcohol."

17 SHOTS OF ALCOHOL?!!!! Now, the borg is not a new thing. One of the earliest videos on TikTok is dated back to around the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

@erin.monroe_ #greenscreen thanks @nbcnews for sharing some info on #harmreduction #borg #genz #millennial #resources #imyourmomnow #prevention #fyp #weloveyou #staysafe ♬ original sound - Erin Monroe

The hashtag on TikTok has roughly 74.7 million views, which is terrifying! However, it has become extremely dangerous recently, after almost 30 students were hospitalized on Saturday in Amherst, Massachusetts after drinking borgs during the Blarney Blowout.

While there are no alerts for Michigan students pertaining to borgs, however, there are plenty of videos on TikTok of Michigan college students drinking borgs.

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With hashtags like #borgseason, this is definitely a TikTok that could turn lethal.

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