Have you ever lost your wallet before?

I have and I almost lost my mind. So many important documents just vanished. Poof!

Thankfully, in my case, I was able to find it with everything still inside of it.

However, if you have lost your wallet, you would never want to lose this extremely important document, at least that's what the government says.

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What Should You Take Out Your Wallet?

This may sound like a 'duh' moment, but you never know!

The one thing that the federal government warns people to not carry around in their wallets is the one thing that they can use to determine exactly who they are.


They are urging you to Guard Your Card by not carrying your Social Security card.

When it comes to your social security card, if a scammer ends up with it, it can be detrimental to you, to say the least.

While your social security card is extremely important, it is not as necessary for you to carry around as you think.

Many places require you to know the number, not to show proof of the card. However, if anyone gets a hold of the number, you are screwed.

Why Is The Social Security Card So Important?

The Social Security Administration says that your social security number (SSN)

"enables government agencies to identify individuals in their records and businesses to track an individual's financial information."

Now, when it comes to the card,

"The Social Security card reliably serves only as official verification of the SSN assigned by SSA to the person whose name is on the card. The card is not proof of the bearer's identity or citizenship/noncitizen status, and has no transaction or data storage capability."


Your SSN is used for so many things that a scammer would love to get their hands on, including

  • obtaining credit,
  • opening a bank account,
  • obtaining government benefits or private insurance,
  • and buying a home or a car

All in all, if you have your social security card in your wallet as you read this, do yourself a favor and take it out immediately.

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