Michigan has been ranked number 5 out of the 50 states for best pizza.

Not sure if the rest of the country knows about Michigan's tasty pasty's but many states are aware that us Michiganders don't mind a donut or two for breakfast. Now most of the United States has to bow down to the 5th best state for 'za!

According to WOOD, it was the Detroit style pie that earned the mitten state it's new title for pizza. Food & Win senior editor David Landsel said, "at Buddy's you'll find good pizza, nice people, and excellent gossip overheard from the bar, which seems to be populated by patrons who've know each other for a very long time, but then again, this is Detroit, people can be wonderfully chatty."

Grand Haven got a nod for top pizza in Michigan for Fricano's wafer thin pies which have been a mainstay some say that goes back to the 1800s.

Another West Michigan pie shop got a mention for their slightly thicker style pizza found at Mr. Scrib's in Muskegon who have been serving pie's to families for generations.

Looks like I'm gonna have to make a few pizza road trips, one to Grand Haven and one to Muskegon. I am always in search of a great pizza. I lived in Indiana for 18 years before returning to Michigan and I had two pizza places their that I still miss. So I have yet to find that mom and pop pizza place that I will drive out of my way to my paws on a slice. The searching is the fun part.

So who got the number one slot for best pizza in America? Well, surprisingly it is not New York. New Jersey got the title with Connecticut coming in second.

The Food and Wine editor said that New York City pizza is slipping in their taste and becoming undependable. New Yorkers are not shy about the words they use so I bet this has the cities pizza places and their fans all in a rage.

If you are looking for a reason for a road trip, if you hit New Jersey, you better make time for pizza at Jersey City's Razza and Bread & Salt restaurants. They are said to have the best pizza's and selection in the country. I may have to look them up online and see if they ship those ready to bake pizza's and try a couple.

I will continue my local quest in West Michigan to track down my new favorite pizza place. So if you have any suggestions, send me a note, I will love to try them out.

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