Man, Elk Rapids Village in northern Michigan isn’t playing around when it comes to your addictions in their public spaces.

Elk Rapids Village Council voted on Monday to approve an ordinance that bans smoking and what they consider smoking and where they won’t allow it, according to the Traverse City Record-Eagle.

They aren’t playing either.  When this goes into effect, they’re banning all tobacco products and any other plants – so Marijuana is out too. By all products, I mean they’re banning cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookahs, they even specified bongs and they banning vapes and e-cigs, the Record-Eagle reports.

Places the ordinance now bans all that stuff from includes any buildings the village owns, as well as parks, beaches, fishing piers, trails, bike paths, public access sites, all that is on the list.

The ordinance is self-policing, but if caught and a police officer wanted to, you could get a civil infraction for violating the ban.  The Elk Rapids Village Council said it’s all about air quality for their residents and visitors. Which makes me wonder when some place like Grand Haven take the same stance.

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