I am questioning this 30-year-old woman's sanity.

When I found this news story, I immediately thought it was a joke. However, it is so true!

What Happened?

Brittany McClure is the name of this woman who was arrested for sodomy and animal abuse.

Fox 2 Detroit
Fox 2 Detroit

The way that this was brought to light was because of Brittany's own boyfriend.

He turned her in after finding the footage of the disgusting situation on surveillance cameras set up in the living room of their home.

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According to Detective Philip Collop,

"In that video, it shows defendant Brittany McClure lying on the living room floor on a mattress with a blanket. She opens the blanket and calls the dog over. She is heard saying ‘good boy’."


While every single moment of this situation is insane, the dog that was abused is THEIR OWN PET! SO IT IS ESSENTIALLY INCEST! YOU ARE DOING THIS TO YOUR FAMILY PET!

group of five dogs sitting in front of a white background
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Bless that poor dog because it is back in the care of her now ex-boyfriend.

Sadly, it gets worse! I KNOW!

Hollywood Unlocked shared that,

"While McClure has admitted to the acts, she claims that they only occurred one."

MAAM! The fact that it happened once is insane already!

Brittany's Charges

Since Brittany was arrested for sodomy and animal abuse, she is facing serious consequences (as she should)!

These charges include a 15-year felony charge and a 93-day misdemeanor charge. She is also been given a $100,000 personal bond and is BANNED from having any contact with any and all animals.

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