Last week we heard that Six Flags had reached out to Michigan's Adventure's parent company, Cedar Fair, and gave them an offer to merge the two companies.

Cedar Fair, by the way, owns Michigan's Adventure, Cedar Point, Knot's Berry Farm, Kings Island, Worlds of Fun and eight other parks, and is considered the second largest regional amusement park operator.

Six Flags Entertainment Corp offered $4 billion cash and stock offer to buy Cedar Fair and their parks, but Cedar Fair came back and said no, the offer is too low, according to Detroit Free Press.

Not necessarily the answer we were all hoping for which was "Hell NO, we're not for sale!" But it does at least mean a merger isn't happening anytime too soon, so we can still enjoy the Great Pumpkin Fest or Haunt area knowing it's not been ruined by Six Flags, I'm saying that based on all the comments when the original news broke.


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