Remember months ago, when Migos were caught in the studio singing about Rap Snacks with a dab of ranch? Soon after, word surfaced that they were putting together an official studio version of the song, and now it's finally here. You can stream "Dab of Ranch" below.

The song, produced by DJ Durel, is part of a two-track project Migos released via Spotify Sessions, the other song being an alternate version of "T-Shirt." Another genius idea from Quality Control.

The song comes days after news that the trio's sophomore album Culture is the No. 1 LP in the country, moving 131,000 copies first week. Compared to their first album Yung Rich Nation, which barely sold 15,000 first week, that's a huge success.

Not only is it smart to release a studio version of the track that already went viral online, but the timing is also on point. With typical album rollouts often not lasting longer than a week or two, dropping a new song after the album's release may help extend the promotional window for Culture.

Don't miss Quavo singing about being hungry at the end.

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