For pet lovers, what a great story out of a sad story from Friday night.

Just after 6 pm Friday night GRFD responded to an apartment fire on Emerald Ave NE in Grand Rapids.  By around 8pm firefighters were working a full engulfed fire which affected numerous apartments in the building.  According to WZZM13, quite a few people and pets were rescued from the building; but one resident was still missing her two cats.

WZZM13 tells the story of how Ariel Royster was at work on Friday when the fire started, and when she arrived on the scene, her parents were only able to rescue her husky.  She left Friday night thinking that her two cats might be lost for good.  When she and other residents came by Saturday to try to save some of their personal belongings that weren’t ruined in the fire.

When Ariel went into what was her apartment, it took two trips but she found one of her cats cold and hiding on the refrigerator.  Her other cat had found a drier hiding spot under a collapsed ceiling in her son’s room.

Being an animal lover and cat dad, you always hope for the best outcome in those situations.  Fire officials still haven’t determined a cause of the fire.


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