WOOD TV8 and Fox 17 reports that Mel Trotter Ministries in a partnership with the Amway Corporation and Express Employment Professionals have purchased and are deploying a mobile shower that will be moved around the city to different "strategic locations" to provide a way for the homeless population to shower as well as find other help and resources they may need.

The mobile shower trailer has three different stalls so they can shower with privacy.  The goal of the mobile shower is to help restore their dignity, as they found during research that the lack of a shower leads to loss of dignity and a feeling of hopelessness.

Mel Trotter Ministries President and CEO Dennis Van Kampen told Fox 17 that with the mobile showers, there's a whole program that goes along to help out

“There will be tents set up where people can have access to talk about services that they may or may not be interested in,” Van Kampen said. “They’ll be able to get some food, some clothing, eventually we hope that there will be medical professionals with us so they might be able to get some medical care. And, they’ll be able to use the shower.”


WOOD TV8 says this is part of the work of Mel Trotter Ministries as well as The Other Way Ministries and the Grand Rapids Homeless Outreach Team who have all partnered together to find ways to offer real aide to Grand Rapids' homeless population.  Both Amway Corp and Express Employment Professionals told WOOD TV8 that they partnered with the mobile shower project to make meaningful impacts and help the homeless population feel dignified, which is important to move forward and hopefully make a meaningful change in their life.

As Fox 17 said in their story, the showers will help those in need feel more confident for job interviews and doctor appointments, because they feel clean.

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