There are plenty of washed adults out there, but we may have officially found a winner. In a hilarious video that went viral on Monday (Nov. 28), a mom freaks out when she finds her son's rap playlist on Spotify. You can view the clip above via @liv_lutz on Twitter.

The mom is trying to buy Christmas presents online when she comes across her son's playlist, which includes Kanye West's "Father Stretch My Hands," D.R.A.M.'s "Cash Machine," J. Cole's "Wet Dreamz," Kendrick Lamar's "A.D.H.D." and more. The mom's facial reactions are priceless, as she appears shocked and disgusted by the lyrics.

The mom then confronts her son in his bedroom (note her amazing use of "fricking"), saying, "This type of music ... This is affecting your brain. It's fricking turning you into a psychotic person. The disgusting stuff they're talking about - fucking, sex, sucking - you think that's fine and that's funny?"

In case you missed it, peep this video of a Christian lady losing her mind over Vince Staples' track "Norf Norf." The woman yells "I cannot believe this stuff is on the radio!" and bursts into tears while reciting the verses. That rappity rap music is corrupting the youth!

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