Michigan State Police are warning drivers that they are out in force looking for drivers who are driving excessively fast all over the mitten state.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when we were all stuck at home and the roads were emptier than normal, the police reported that drivers were making highways into their personal drag strips.  Take for example the Ohio driver that was pulled over in April doing 180 mph on I-75 in Monroe County, according to the Lansing State Journal.  By the way, the speed limit on that stretch of highway is 70 mph.

Well, now we're all on the roads more and people are still speeding WAY to fast. Michigan State Police Frist District which patrols - Livingston, Ingham, and Clinton Counties, wants to remind everyone across the state to follow posted speed limits on Michigan highways.

To help remind people, MSP posted on Twitter a traffic stop where the MSP officer had locked his radar on a car at 124 mph. The post goes on to say that the driver was doing faster, but that was the speed the trooper was able to lock his radar on.  The speeder was caught on Hagadorn Rd in Ingham County last week. The speed limit is only 55 mph by the way.

I may be wrong, but that fast usually results in a careless or reckless driving charge as well, depending on road conditions and weather - which could lead to jail time.

So just a reminder, there may be no laws while drinking claws, but there are laws during the pandemic. Also, the first part of the last sentence isn't true either, there are always laws.

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