Earlier this week, a graphic was shared on Facebook that talked about how Michigan State Police were looking for distracted drivers, and the graphic used listed a bunch of things that would get you a ticket by MSP.

Well Michigan State Police, Metro Detroit tweeted out on their Twitter account Thursday letting everyone know that while they will still pull you over for texting and driving, the rest of that list was a hoax.  They even give props to the maker of the graphic, saying "Almost the right colors!" referencing the blue background that almost matches the blue of the MSP.

Even though it linked to a page on Michgan.gov, Michigan State Police say everything on the list constitutes things that distract you while driving, but they’re not going to pull you over for talking to your passenger or turning on your A/C.

They also remind everyone in their tweet, not to trust everything you see on the internet.  Especially if it’s not a direct share from the source – ie. this is shared directly from the same people that will write you a ticket.

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