The legendary basketball coach used his post-game press conference to acknowledge the efforts of health care workers amidst another Covid spike.

Following his team's Big Ten victory over Penn State, Izzo admitted he rarely talks about anything other than basketball, and then he went off about what he had heard was poor treatment of health care workers battling against the Covid pandemic.

“Our hospitals are overwhelmed again. And for the first time last week, I had some friends of mine, I had some people say to me, ‘People are so idiotic. They're blaming the doctors and the nurses.’ So if you don't get it (the COVID vaccine), that's your business. But these are people that were our heroes, they were our heroes for a year. And now because people, in my humble opinion, don't get vaccinated and let down your guard a little bit, and our hospitals in the state of Michigan are in trouble again. And then that's OK if that's what you want to do. But for the people out there condemning our doctors and nurses and the first responders makes me sick. It really bothers me. So you have your own decision on what you want to do, that's your business. But I'll tell you one thing, if anybody's that ignorant that they're condemning our doctors, nurses, first responders — all the people that are giving their frickin' life, and now we can't even get operations, we can't do things because these hospitals are overwhelmed again — shame on you.

“So take your shots at me. It doesn't bother me. I'm not telling you that you have to — who's Tom Izzo to tell you to go get vaccinated? That's your business. But please, from the bottom my heart, appreciate the people. Those nurses that get paid little and put their life on the line every day. And the doctors, please don't forget we love them, we care about them, we appreciate them. What they've done for us, while most of us were sitting home not working, and they were going in every day. And I hear that stuff out in our community? It makes me sick. So let the fight start, let it begin. Do what you want with your vaccinations. But please, appreciate the people that have done so much for us.”

Amen, Tom. Amen.

There are nurses and doctors who have sacrificed their time off, and are working long hours in this battle, if you can't respect that, then at the very least, don't say anything.

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