Since its release last week, there have been a slew of mixed reviews surrounding the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me, as fans have been expressing their candid thoughts on social media, while some celebrities have spoken out against the film. Now, music journalist Kevin Powell is going as far as filing a lawsuit against the producers and writers of the movie for copyright infringement.

The veteran music journalist wrote an official statement about the lawsuit on Facebook, claiming that the film used his Vibe cover stories on the late Shakur without crediting him. Being that he owns the copyright to those articles, Powell says the movie infringed on his rights, and is seeking justice on the issue.

"After a great deal of thought and consultation with many, including my attorneys, I have filed a federal lawsuit against the producers and writers of ALL EYEZ ON ME, the new Tupac Shakur biopic, for copyright infringement," Powell's statement read. "After viewing the movie twice in the past few days, it is clear that my exclusive Vibe cover stories on Tupac Shakur (when he was alive), were lifted, without proper credit or compensation of any kind to me, and used in ALL EYEZ ON ME. As the owner of the copyright to these articles, ALL EYEZ ON ME infringed on my rights by using content and narrative that was exclusive to my writings."

Powell also says that he is a "protector of the Tupac Shakur narrative," proceeding to direct people's questions and comments to his lawyers.

"I am seeking justice and a resolution in this matter that is fully fair to me and all the work I’ve done throughout the years, as an author and protector of the Tupac Shakur narrative. Any questions are to be directed to my lawyers, Keith White and Ken Montgomery, and I have nothing further to say at this time.” he continues.

This isn't the first celebrity to speak out on All Eyez on Me in a negative context, as Jada Pinkett Smith tweeted against the film for using made up scenarios between her and Tupac. 50 Cent also called the biopic "trash" multiple times on Instagram.

Hopefully this case can get settled in the meantime. See the full statement on Kevin's Facebook below.

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