If you're a Nas fan, you know you need an abundance of patience when it comes to expecting new music. The Queensbridge rapper has been teasing his next album for a few years, and his loyal fan base has been on the edge of their seats awaiting updates. In a recent interview, Nas confirmed his new project will be coming this year.

The veteran MC said the album is coming "for sure" this year, but didn't give any other details about a release date or a title. The interviewer also mentioned that DJ Khaled's record, "Nas Album Done," which featured the rapper, was not necessarily a true title for his actual situation. In response to the title of the song, Nas responded, "It’s not done till it hits the streets." When asked about whether fans would be getting a new single while they await the project's rollout, the New Yorker also stated, "We might do a single but we might do something different."

During the interview, Mr. Jones was also asked about the second part of season one of The Get Down, which he is an executive producer for. While giving some hints as to what viewers can expect, he revealed, "Let’s say part two is a lot more intense and a lot darker than the first one. The kids are grown up a little bit because their talents is pushing them out to the world and that world means Studio 54 era. This is the ‘70s. This is New York City, a much wilder place. The kids that are getting into the entertainment world are being exposed to things that they weren’t ready for. The streets don’t want to let them go and it’s just a whole bunch of s--t. A lot crazier than the first season." Well, the good news is that it looks like we'll be able to get a new album from Nas Escobar before the year is up.

In case you missed it, listen to "Angel Dust," Nas' new song from The Get Down part two.

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