Summer’s finally here and for millions of school children, that’s awesome!  Sadly for another group of millions of kids, they fear for the summer because they wonder when they’ll eat.  It’s true, millions of kids depend on school lunches (and breakfast in many cases) as their source for healthy, filling meals.   So when summer rolls around, stomach growls become much louder; in comes NO KID HUNGRY.

They have created a program that allows you to text the word FOOD to 877877 and they’ll get your zip code and show you where kids can get free meals over the summer!

It’s free too, the program was developed between No Kid Hungry and the USDA.

I texted the number for my zip code of 49504 and found out kids and teens can go to:

New Branches Charter Academy

Little Pine Island Camp

or Timberline Estates Mobile Home Park.

Rob Sparks/TSM
Rob Sparks/TSM

Pass this info on to anyone who may benefit from it.  You can find out more about No Kid Hungry and donate at the link below.

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