You know how it can't get your day started without that first cup of coffee.

The National Coffee Association estimates that 70% of the people in the United States drink coffee every week and 62% drink coffee on a daily basis. On the average, a coffee drinker has just over 3 cups per day.

Soon, on the northeast side of Grand Rapids, there will be a new place to stop and get that first cup!

Scooter's Coffee
Photo: Scooter's Coffee via YouTube

Scooter's Coffee will be building a drive-thru in the parking lot of the Plainfield Plaza strip mall at 3150 Plainfield Avenue NE. Scooter's has put up coffee shops in similar settings across the United States.

Plainfield Plaza
Photo: Google Maps

This will be the first Scooter's Coffee in the state of Michigan. Currently the Omaha, Nebraska-based company has over 300 cafes and drive-through locations nationwide. Scooter's Coffee was started in 1998 by Don and Linda Eckles in Bellevue, NE.

The signature drink at Scooter's is The Caramelicious®. Their website says "you can't go wrong with ordering this rich, velvety, caramel gem."

Even though the Grand Rapids Planning Commission approved the plans on February 10th, there was some concern about the business concept. One planning commissioner, Susan Shannon, voiced concern over the fact the drive through only business would not be creating a "gathering place for the neighborhood or even the people getting off the bus or on the bus." The building would only be open to employees. While she didn't vote against the proposal, she did feel it was a missed opportunity.

Along with their coffee drinks -- which can be served hot, iced, or blended -- Scooter's will also offer pre-packaged foods like bagels, muffins, sandwiches, and wraps.

Here is a short video about Scooter's...

Learn more about what Scooter's has to offer on their website.


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