Nick Cannon has found himself in some controversy over remarks he made about Planned Parenthood.

Last week, during an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the multi-hyphenated entertainer discussed the 2016 election and said that picking between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (who eventually won) to be the next president was like choosing “the lesser of two evils.”

Cannon wasn’t a fan of neither candidate because he felt that both candidates are guilty of systematically oppressing black people.

“Hillary was [sneaking] ... Think about all the stuff they did with Planned Parenthood and all that type of stuff. That type of stuff is to take our community and forget gentrification, it’s real genocide, and it’s been like that for years," he said (quotes via Huff Post). “This system is not built for us. This is not our land. I appreciate it. I love it, wouldn’t want to live nowhere else, but this wasn’t designed for our people.”

Cannon would later tell a news photographer that Planned Parenthood is "modern-day eugenics" and “It’s population control.”

Since then, the Wild 'N' Out creator has been defending himself against the media backlash. On Saturday (Nov. 26), Cannon went on his Twitter account to further explain himself. He tweeted:

Cannon also warn his fans to not be preoccupied by what he deemed is "media distractions" that's diverting attention to the real issues that black people are facing right now. The rapper-actor posted on Instagram a photo of a man in Flint, Mich., who is holding up a bottle of discolored water that reads, "Just In Case Y'all Forgot Due To All the Media Distractions, The Water In Flint, Michigan Is Still Poisoned."

He also sent a shot at the New York Daily News, which reported on his controversial quotes from the Breakfast Club interview.

Watch Nick Cannon's Interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club

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