This is a really good #PeopleDoingGood story.  Michigan State Police just honored two Marquette County teenagers who helped save a guy from a burning car. reports June 13th, the teens, Blake Mitchell and Aydin Frost, heard a crash and decided they needed to go see what happened.  When they got to the crash, they realized the driver was trapped inside the car and it was on fire. They ended up having to grab a tow strap and pull the door open with a truck, but according to MSP, that is why the driver is still alive today.

The two were given “Distinguished Citizen” awards by the Michigan State Police Wednesday and later this month will be honored by the first responders who were on the scene as well according to

So cool to see teenagers jump in to help!  As I always say, we're all in this together.  Thanks, Blake and Aydin for being #PeopleDoingGood!

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