Not everybody has a good neighbor, but those who do can definitely appreciate when they do.

I have lived a lot of places but never really had a good neighbor. Most neighbors wouldn't even say hi or even wave at me when passing by. To be honest, that's ok, I see it as one less person I have to deal with on a daily basis.

I lived in Indiana in the same house for 16 years. I worked later in the evening than most and was never really home during the hours most people are home during the week. I have always played in a band and worked in radio, so those two events kept me away from the house on weekends as well. So needless to say its not easy to get to know me.

I only got to know one of my neighbors and it wasn't anyone close to me, it was actually someone down the road where I parked to go hunting on some land across from their house.

In all that time living in one location, I really didn't not ever get to know my neighbors. Well it has been a bit different where I live now. I will say that both homes were located in the country with very few neighbors and I currently still keep the weird hours and my weekends are usually pretty full but I am at home more often on weekends than I have been in the past.

Ever since moving to Newaygo County I have one neighbor that I have to say is just one really cool dude. When I first bought the house, I needed a plumber and Don, who owns M & J Hardware on Croton/Hardy Drive, suggested I contact a guy by the name of Tyler. It turned out Tyler was my neighbor that lived just kitty corner to my property.

When I met Tyler, we hit it off great right from the start. He did a great job plumbing the house plus we talked a lot about hunting and fishing the area.

Now after a couple years we hunt and fish together and look for each others residence when the other is gone. He has helped me put up tree stands, move some brush with his front end loader. Tipped me off on the hunting and fishing in the area and just an all in all nice guy.

I worked a ton the week before with late hours, then this past weekend had a house full of family so I was pretty tired when it was time to work on Monday. I also really dreaded coming home knowing after all the snow that fell I was going to have to plow the driveway. I have one of those country driveways with a barn system so there is a lot to plow plus it was a heavy snow.

Well yesterday out of the blue my neighbor sends me a text with a photo of my driveway plowed. To me, it was like an act of angel from heaven was sent. I plow with an ATV and the heavy wet snow is almost impossible to move.

I asked listeners yesterday on the air to send me some local brewed beer ideas so I could take my neighbor some beers that are not easy to find in our area. I went with Founders Backwoods Bastard Scotch Ale. My neighbor appreciated the beers but I have to tell you, I really appreciated that plow job because he went all out and did the whole area, even behind the barn.

It is nice to have a good neighbor, so make sure if you have one, you treat them well because they are rare.

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