Did you know the song that they use every year to crown the college hoops winner has Michigan roots? You do now.

I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed, because I've NEVER been a fan of the song 'One Shining Moment', which is used by CBS to salute the college basketball National Champions every year. But the song was written by David Barrett, who graduated from Albion College in 1977.

Barrett, according to Vox, wrote the song as a tribute to Larry Bird after he saw him play on TV during breaks at a gig in East Lansing. He says the song "came fully formed" and "all the lyrics just wrote themselves."

CBS sports reporter Armen Keteyian, who went to high school with Barrett, was the one who brought the song to the attention of CBS Sports producers. Creative director Doug Towey wanted to use it for the Super Bowl, but when that game ran long it's use was axed, and instead used for the 1987 NCAA title game between Indiana and Syracuse. The rest is music and cheese history.

Barrett sang the original version, which was used until 1993. Subsequent versions were recorded by Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross (it may have been the last song he recorded before his death), Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo, who recorded the current version used.

Did I mention I hate the song? No offense to Mr. Barrett, but it sounds like 1986 and hasn't aged well. I'm all for replacing it with something current players, who were all born around 2000, may enjoy. Just sayin'.




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