There’s another challenge you need to be aware of because teens are doing it and it’s causing some major injuries.   It’s called the “Salt and Ice Challenge” and it isn’t a new thing, because I found videos as far back as 2012 on YouTube about this challenge "gone wrong".

So what is the Salt and Ice Challenge?  WNEMTV says the challenge is to “put salt on exposed skin and then add ice, holding both in place for as long as you can tolerate the pain.”

WHAT?! As long as you can tolerate the pain? STUPID!!  That can turn to frostbite super-fast because of the salt lowering the freezing temperature of the water.

So it’s starting to become a thing again - this past week two Iowa teens got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on their arms and will likely need skin grafts.

So heads up and maybe play this video or any of these videos for your kids so they’ll understand why NOT to do this #challenge.



source: WFLA & WNEM

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