Magic 104.9 has linked up with This Gospel Life to bring you an extensive sit-down interview with Pastor Rory Marshall of Lighthouse Full Life Center. 

This Gospel Life - February 2, 2019

Rory Marshall knew he was called to preach before he knew he was called to pastor. Though his father was a pastor, he had no interest in leading a church: “I was going to be a deacon and call it a day,” he says. Once it was revealed that God had other plans for his life, Marshall had no idea how he would become a pastor – he only knew that he would.

Marshall’s story is one of providence and great unexpectations: an unexpected phone call with unexpected news in a moment of such significance that it could only be the work of the Lord. Rory and his wife Kristan had welcomed their second baby girl into the world only an hour before his phone rang and the caller I.D. said Bishop Marvin Sapp. During that conversation, Sapp told Marshall he wanted to submit his name for a senior pastor appointment. “We had just given birth to my second child, and God was birthing something else,” says Marshall. “I was overwhelmed by the possibility.”

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