This is a story about community and 100% #PeopleDoingGood.

Jasmine Rogers, a photographer in the Norton Shores area posted on a story that happened this weekend on Facebook when she was out taking engagement photos of a couple on the pier at Mona Lake.

As Jasmine tells the story, they were taking photos at Lake Harbor Park Saturday evening and during the session, Erica, the bride to be, took her engagement ring off and was trying to put it on her necklace when it slipped off and fell into the lake.  The couple stayed until the park closed on Saturday night and never found the ring.

Well, Sunday, Jasmine posted about the incident on a community Facebook page called Norton Shores Informed where she was messaged from a firefighter who said the Fire Chief, Bob, had a metal detector, so she got in touch with Bob and he offered to come to the lake and help find the ring, on his day off, no less.

Jasmine and Bob got to the lake to see the couple already out looking for the ring.  As you can see by the photos Bob put on his wetsuit and joined the couple in the lake with his metal detector and found the ring!

WZZM apparently reached out to the couple, and they said the ring was insured, but a replacement ring wouldn’t have the same sentimental value as the original, which he gave his bride-to-be when he proposed.

I Love that Bob and the other Firefighter, which Jasmine identified as Adam, took time to reach out on something that they could have easily ignored because it was their day off.

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